"Jones' work in public space works to provide an alternative cultural self object, image and message to survivors. By speaking the truth of sexual violation and encouraging women to write, write, "speak your truths"...she offers herself as a cultural selfobject with whom survivors can experience themselves as acknowledged, honored and emphatically cared about. In this way, Jones' work engages the sociological, and psychological dimensions of women's healing needs. Her willingness to speak, write, see, show, and hear incarnates God's concern for the wounded to be holistically healed through communal interactions...allows women to receive unobstructed views of images and messages that holistically empower them in the fullness of their embodiment, and find courage to use their own voice to become agents in their own sacred healing. Jones picks up where Ntozake Shange left off when she wrote For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is not Enuf"

- Dr. Stephanie Crumpton

Surviving in the illusion has been the reality of so many women across the world. We find ourselves lying to ourselves just to fit into the illusion. To be perceived as what we want to be and not what we are. Our natural ability to nurture others, some times cripple the healing process for ourselves ~ the love and affection we must show ourselves. My Mother use to say all the time to me as a child, "See yourself, Tasha," whether it was said to help me visualize whatever I desired or if it was said help me be true to my values and motives, and/or not be so judgmental, it was said as a command pure untainted...See Yourself!



Tyler Perry's adaptation of Ntozake Shange For Colored Girls, did just that, allowed women to view women, in ways that many had not or refused. For Color Girls helped women all across the world to see SELF through characters and dramatizations that could better help the viewer atone or want atonement. The poetic medium used as the healing instrument has definitely been my source of power. Poetry and Spoken Word has allowed many of us to heal from within and retrain the mind to achieve wholeness not only for those we nurture but essentially ourselves. Therewith the Hello Beautiful Movement, For Colored Girls Hello Beautiful! I AM Whole, I AM Love, We Are LOVED, I AM power, We Are Powerful, I AM forgiven, We allow ourselves to be forgiven, I AM ME ready and willing to be honest and open in LOVE!" View this powerful poem Vagina Monologue by poet laureate Tasha Jones ...

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